114,000 LEGO Bricks Time Lapse Build of New York Javits Convention Center

7 Feet Wide LEGO New York Javits Convention Center

New York Javits Convention Center is an iconic building with massive entrance hall covered in glass. It contains vast indoor areas used for various events. Here’s its model build with LEGO:

This immense display model uses 114,470 LEGO pieces and took Sean Kenney 440 hours to design and construct. It took about two months. Opposed to some model building methods there was no cheating with the use of glue, all bricks properly interconnect to form a solid construction. Non bricks have been cut to fit and there is no steel frame substructure to hold it together.  Sean’s purist approach means using only standard LEGO pieces available off the shelf.

This specific model is on public display inside the real Javits Center in New York. It has been build as LEGO Mini Architecture in Microfigure scale (1 stud size moulded minifigure like you would find in LEGO Avengers SHIELD Helicarrier Set), but still measures enormous 7 feet. In Minifigure scale it would be three times as big. There is a beutiful simplicity of the microscale design of detail elements like everything you would see on the street: trees cars, trucks, yellow New York taxis,  even a fire truck, street lamps and so on. Video above shows whole building process from start to finish in time lapse speed.

Most prominent feature of this LEGO Javits Center is the great hall covered with clear blue transparent elements. This is true to the original and allows to peak inside and see the space of this convention center in detail. Hundreds of Microfigures are spread out inside as well as on the busy streets to bring the scene to live.  This massive effort deserves applause as do other creations of Sean Kenney, check out his portflio HERE.