2016 LEGO Technic 42056 Revealed – Porsche Performance Supercar

2016 LEGO Technic 42056 Revealed – Porsche Performance Supercar

Finally! …well, not exactly – this in all probability will not be the final look of the LEGO Technic 42056. The car itself is a Porsche or a related modified Porsche based on performance car.

There’s not much info at this time and the box image reveals nothing, not even how many bricks will the set have or the price.

As you can see it has a car camouflage, the type of which is used by all car manufacturers before official model release. Therefore it is not clear what will be the final color scheme for LEGO 42056.

It is not shown what sort of functions this model will get. Besides the usual doors and hoods, there are some levers inside the cabin.

It is a Performance Car with proper rear wing spoiler, low front spoiler, wide and low suspension and hints of roll cage. There also seems to be a lot of space behind the seats to install power functions to power this beast.

Although LEGO seem to have outdone themselves with 2016 Technic models, we really hope LEGO 42056 will not become one of those limited edition boxes, which will disappear from LEGO store the next day and re-appear online for idiotic amounts of money.

This is a nice review of a final model ready for the shops in 2016. The pricetag is hefty but as a collector’s item it is worth it. Especially if you see how much effort went into the packaging and the 600 pages manual. Turns out that not everyone is happy about the choice of the color in the end. It would be nice to have the choice, orange is not everyone’s favorite.

In terms of the model itself it has few shortcomings and it turns out to be something more for a display case than to play with. Already fans came up with a number of brilliant solutions to modify and customize to make it more functional.