21 Models From 1 LEGO Technic Set

21 Models Made From 1 LEGO Technic Set

I’ve found this video a few years ago while I was researching LEGO Technic 8271 set I was about to buy. Here Grohl666 shows his 21 model built from a single set, and I know he did not stop at that.

It kind of shock me at that time because I’ve never considered back then trying that with any of my LEGO Technic Sets. But I have realised that this is exactly what I was doing with my first ever partial LEGO set which I happened to find in the garbage collection area of my block of flats. Someone was thoughtful enough not to throw it away and left it on the floor for some poor kid to find it – I was the lucky one.

My newly found ‘set’ contained only literarily a handful of pieces, but it was enough to keep my brain busy building and re-inventing anything I could.  Nowawys I have a different ‘problem’ – as soon as I build something, I want to immediately take it apart and build something else.

Not all of us can afford the big sets, especially new, but it does not mean you cannot have fun with LEGO. Just find a set with a nice  number of various useful elements and keep doing what Grohl666 has done:

Keep Inventing Your Own Models!  – as many as you want.