250,000 LEGO Bricks Medieval Village and Castle

Astonishing Medieval LEGO Castle and Village

What would you build with quarter of a million LEGO bricks??? How about a minifigure scale medieval village and a massive LEGO Medieval Village and Deverry Castle? Well, there you go, you can get inspired with this video. The size of this diorama is just impressive and the great thing is that authors (Bart Michielsen, Jean Michelvincke and Mark Vanlommel) did try to reconstruct medieval reality, not just a bunch of some old buildings put together.

They call it Deverry Castle – See the detailed images here: flickr.com/photos/lego_bart/ – really worth it!

It is hard to imagine how much work went into this construction, it required careful planning, as there are not many repetitive elements. Also this is a scene of a medieval day and ‘people’ are arranged into specific scenes going on with their daily life, ploughing fields, trading, working. They’re not just there to fill the space, each one is doing something specific.

Many animals also add to this medieval tone, horses used for transport and cows in the fields. Knights are preparing to fight Vikings approaching from the sea in their beautiful vessels. Huge castle is placed by the water and castle life can be viewed from the inside in a cross section, as well as from the top.

It is a truly beautiful creation, intelligently put together, you could just stand there for an hour watching and finding something new and surprising every minute.