2x One Million LEGO Pieces Hong Kong and Studio City Models

Incredible LEGO Hong Kong and Studio City Models by Andy Hung

Andy Hung is a notable Chinese LEGO artist who was the first person in China to be awarded LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) title. He can be extremely productive and prefers creating large sets like the ones you’ll see in videos.

His fascination started in his early childhood and his favourite subject is city and life in the city. But he can be very versatile and able to approach various subjects using different methods including mosaics and sculptures.

Andy has over 10 years of experience being the coordinator and creator of LEGO exhibitions co-organized by the LEGO® brand and its partners, including top-level premium shopping malls in Hong Kong and China, government organizations as well as corporate clients. Andy’s exhibitions have attracted more than 5 million visitors in Hong Kong and China, while his media coverage have already generated over 12 million impressions. (source lego.com)

In this amazing LEGO Hong Kong and Studio City (below) models Andy used over on million bricks for each set. There can be as many as 20 people in his building team at any single time. Massive sets are often illuminated which requires special lighting setup and wiring.

With such a massive scale of his models it sometimes it takes months to finish a single project, but these are always spectacular. His sets are always in motion and full of life with added minifigures and nature elements.

Andy Hung Astonishing LEGO Studio City Macau Construction Process