500,000 LEGO Bricks 11 Meters Long RMS Titanic

Biggest LEGO Ship Ever Built – RMS Titanic Replica – 500,000

This LEGO Titanic has been a showpiece of LEGO exhibition in 2015. At 11 meters long (36ft) and made out of half a million bricks this is one MONSTER ship. Beautiful details replicate the real think.

RMS Titanic is the most famous ship in the world. The irony is that it would not be famous if it did not sink, killing many people. It was a case of bad design and arrogance and ignorance that lead to fatal consequences. Maybe that’s the reason why LEGO never released Titanic set. But now it does not matter as you can build one yourself like this young man in the video below did.

Huge LEGO Titanic Made Out Of 22,000 Bricks

So if you decide to have a go then why not choose this model made out of over 20 thousand pieces. It’s only 3 meters long (10 ft) and it surely will never swim away, not with the weight of those bricks. If you want to know how it’s done look at this video below. Original design was done by Mario Noriega, he was kind to share to share it with he world for free – THANK YOU MARIO!

You can download instructions here: LEGO Titanic Building Instructions Please go through the Readme file in this ZIP file for further instructions. To read the instructions you will need special LEGO software free to download here: LEGO Digital Designer Good Luck!

22,000 Pieces LEGO Titanic Building Instructions