8 LEGO Life Hacks

LEGO Is Not Just a Toy – LEGO Life Hacks


If you have too many LEGO bricks or you’re just plain bored playing with them, you may try to invent other uses for it. See how creative you can get. Here are some simple and inventive uses of LEGO which can be applied in any  household as long as you can operate some simple tools like saw or a knife.

This Crazy Russian Hacker will get your brain waves started so you can start inventing things out of LEGO. If you want to, these simple modifications can be quite helpful in everyday life or just bring some more color to your surroundings.

Things like LEGO fridge magnets, LEGO keyring attachment can be uses everyday. Why not disguise your USB flash drive inside of a brick to make it look cool. Just make sure you don’t accidentally drop it into your big box of bricks.

If you have some basic DIY skills and imagination, then sky is the limit.

Have fun with inventing!