Adams Family Mansion – LEGO Ideas Project For 50th Anniversary

LEGO Adams Family Mansion

It’s been over 50 years since Adams Family entered mainstream TV. Since then it had multiple reincarnations in cinema movies, cartoons and TV sitcom series. One of the LEGO builders wants to commemorate it with this set. It had been entered into LEGO Ideas website where users can vote for their favourite project that may eventually be released as a set. Sadly this one did not get through although over 10 thousand people voted for it.

The Adams Family (Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandma, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing) lived in their mansion at 001 Cemetery Lane. This amazing half a meter tall build is an interesting take on their home. Created out of over 7000 pieces presents loads of details. You can split it and remove top floors to reveal three levels.

Inside you can see where all the bricks went as the level of detail is amazing. LEGO Adams Family Mansion has been designed to resemble specific scenes of character interaction. Here’s the list of some of them:



  • “Tish relaxing in her large rattan chair, with her black fan
  • Gomez practicing fencing in the living room
  • Lurch and his harpsichord
  • Beware of Thing‚Ķdelivering mail from his table
  • Cleopatra, the meat eating plant and others in the greenhouse
  • Kitty Kat the lion, by the grand staircase
  • The tall stuffed polar bear watching over all the proceedings
  • The NYSE stock market ticker tape machine
  • Call for Lurch‚Ķ with a black rope noose butler bell call
  • Suit of Armor – who is hiding inside?
  • Massive fireplace, with a moose head on the mantle
  • Have a rest on the bed of nails!
  • Grandmama and Uncle Fester with his light bulb and dynamite
  • Cigar Store Indian watching over Pugsley and Wednesday
  • Back upper porch, with cannon, cannon balls and a catapult
  • Backyard cemetery, with unknown inhabitants
  • Attic spider web
  • Family automobile
  • Special guests include bats, owls, spiders, snakes, and parrots” (source)

If you’re a fan this set might keep you busy for hours or just look stunning on a shelf. Dim the lights and see what happens…