Can LEGO Play Guitar? – You Bet It Can!

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Playing Real Guitar

With LEGO if you can imagine you can build it! Look at this brilliant creation using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 intelligent bricks plus a few gears and other bricks. Brilliant.

This contraption plays a tune on a real guitar. It has been constructed to play this specific song, for a different one it would need a design overhaul. It is synchronised with an original tune played in the background. Obviously it’s not perfect due to the amount of noise it makes, but it supposed to show you possibilities – a few programmed ┬áplastic bricks can play better than many guitarists. Still this is not a thing you would like to take along to a romantic night by the fire.

Close ups on the video show how the whole thing works and what LEGO Mindstorms elements have been used. This simple robotic rig is designed for this specific purpose. With limited access to the rest of the fretboard it can only play this specific song. It can be reprogrammed for other music pieces within the same chord range. It is an absolutely brilliant effort as in effect you have to separate machines that are connected to use one musical instrument.