Crashing LEGO Trains Into the Swimming Pool and Underwater LEGO Train

LEGO Trains Crashes On A Bridge Over The Swimming Pool.

Crash testing your LEGO sets is very important to find out how much abuse they can actually take. So if you are bored on a gloomy day when it’s too cold to use the swimming pool why not build a LEGO bridge over it and film spectacular crashes with water landing.

This short film shows Power Functions powered trains heading at each other at from oppositeĀ  directions. Power Functions give them good speed, measured precisely to meed in the middle of the bridge. What happens next is the pileup of locomotives and wagons flying in different directions and ending up in the water below. Slow motion shows the crash in detail. Passenger carriages, precious cargo wagons and some of the minifigures end up in the water slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool.

LEGO Underwater Train

But what if you could actually build tracks under water and drive the LEGO Train to under water destination (Bikini Bottom perhaps)? Just look at this film where the train slowly enters the water and continues to its final destination. Passengers are well prepared for the sightseeing wearing their scuba gear. After the tour the train pools out of the pool (!). One of the minifigures holds their drinking cup – brilliant! All biult and tested by Nugra.