Creation of Massive LEGO NINJAGO at Legoland California

Giant LEGO Ninjago Figures

22 huge Ninjago figures have been created for display at new Ninjago area in Legoland California. Here’s how they did it and what they look like:


Ninjago has been a popular LEGO theme for a few years now popularised with cartoon series and comic books. Sales were at huge demand especially for end of the year holidays. Various Legoland theme parks followed that success and created separated areas for battle coaster. For that purpose they have designed live size Ninjago minifigures. This project took a lot of work, tons of bricks and a special builders team. the effects are nothing short of amazing!

Number of brick used vary from figure to figure and all start above 10,000. All the minifigures also show specific power associated with the character. Those powers up the number of bricks to nearly 30,000 per character and. The winner LEGO sculpture is the Ninjago Monastery Mountain Landscape, which used exactly 859,554 bricks and took 1,200 working hours to be assembled. Special computer software creates the layout and breaks down each layer into a separate instruction manual which is then used by a LEGO builder specialist to glue the brick together.

Huge Ninjago Guardian Dragon used 77 thousands of pieces and came second. All sculptures have to be safe to be around humans and cannot fall apart. A special steel structure supports the weight of the glued together bricks and also help with transporting the sculptures from builders studio to Legoland Ninjago Area.  FAns can find Sensei Wu, Kai, Cole, Nya, Jay, Zane and other characters in dramatic poses ready to fight evil. New brightly colored bricks bring the sculptures to life for the joy of kids. Ready to take a selphie?

Preview of The LEGO 4D Movie at Legoland Florida