Custom LEGO Mad Max Truck Drifting on Ice in Russia

AmazingĀ LEGO Mad Max Truck – Drifting on Ice in Cold Russia

Some builders have the need to test their constructions to the limits. In the video above you can see how it’s done in Russia. Some very nice camera views.

This nice black custom built 6 wheels truck, inspired by Mad Max movie, speeds and drifts on clear ice. This remote controlled truck gearing is set up for speed, so it is easy to spin the wheels.

Outside the temperature is minus 20 degrees Celsius, so the batteries will not last long. Then comes the time for a test on an ice slide, which sadly ended in model breaking apart.

This is just another proof that you can have fun with LEGO regardless of the weather conditions.

Below is the video of the whole remote controlled Mad Max War Rig created by Desert Eagle. STUNNING!

Custom LEGO Mad Max Truck