How To Destroy Massive LEGO Star Wars Sets

Destruction of Expensive LEGO Star Wars Sets

Well, some build for fun, for others building is only half of the fun, the other half is destroying! Here’s two videos on how to destroy massive, elaborate and very expensive LEGO Star Wars sets. They have done it so you don’t have, but if you really want to then why not film it in high speed camera mode and post it online.

The first one is the Giant Star Wars LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer set containing 3152 pieces and weighing 8 pounds. It’s original price was $400. It has been let to fall free on the ground to impact with hard floor, but it seems like Dart Vader had survived the fall.

This second shows a massive Star Wars LEGO 10143 Death Star 2 ($269) set destroyed using a baseball bat and also filmed with high speed. The slow motion final ‘cinema’ effect also shows a small millennium falcon escaping the destruction.

Final video shows a Jakku desert crash landing of a LEGO Millennium Falcon set (1329 pieces) with combined cinematic effects form a real movie. Good effort!

We are aware that true followers of LEGO religion will be upset by inhumane treatment of LEGO bricks. Unfortunately many bricks did suffer as a result of above productions, but nevertheless in a weird way we’ve enjoyed these clips and probably would do the same.