Functional LEGO Flamethrower and Other Black Ops Weapon Replicas

LEGO Purifier – Black Ops 3

Although subject of weapons is controversial, please do have an opened mind and appreciate the talent of the builder ZaziNombies rather then the theme of the build. Frankly if you look at recent sets sold by LEGO, with weaponized minifigures, you might just realise that LEGO are one of the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world! Looks like they promote aggression under disguise of fight of good vs evil.

You’ve probably seen LEGO using air in pneumatics or squirting water, but this is something else! A functional LEGO Flamethrower!!!  No, you can’t but it at Toys’R’Us.It is based on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 game and carefully build to resemble the original. You can see the great attention to the detail and creativity as some elements required multidimensional thinking.

The best thing of course is the fire spewing element. It just isn’t something you would normally expect to be built out of kids bricks. The orange color also distracts from it’s rather sinister function. Check out the other videos:

LEGO Dingo – Black Ops 3

This one called Dingo is a light machine gun featuring modular design. It can be disassembled and put back together. Made out of about 2500 bricks it weights a lot. You can really see the unique talent of the builder. As it turns out there is a huge funbase for this king of builds and any suggestions are considered by the builder.

LEGO Locus – Black Ops 3

Well, how about a sniper rifle? Look at the scope construction – this guy is a PRO! And to save the best for last…

LEGO Fortnite Minigun

Why not treat yourself to a six-barrel four feet long minigun? Just maybe don’t take it into any public places. Just in case…