Giant LEGO Globe Looks Like Minecraft World

Giant Minecraft-Like LEGO Globe

Yes, it a whole planet, but it seems to be constructed from various environments. There is a ‘continnent’ with elements of beaut in nature, another one features civilized world. Next one is like machine featuring some type of clock-work, and another section looks like a futuristic city. It very much resembles Minecraft world with it’s colors and structure.

One big section resembles human face but made out of industrialized elements like power plants. The base of everything forms a blue globe, blue symbolizes water on our planet. The whole showpiece  should make you think about the beauty of our planet and an impact the industry on environment.

This massive globe was created by and Dirk Denoyelle, a LEGO Certified Professional who is a motivational speaker, team building specialist, and LEGO portrait builder (2D or 3D) with an impressive portfolio of creative work. His portfolio also includes beautiful large scale buildings and 3D sculptures.

How to Build 3D LEGO Head by Dirk Denoyelle