HOT From 2016 BricksLA LEGO Show – Get Inspired!

2016 BricksLA LEGO Show Edit – Tons of CRAZY an AMAZING Ideas!!!

Watch the latest showpieces straight from LEGO show exhibition. The event took place early January of 2016 and opened it’s doors to LEGO fans of all ages. Incredible models from registered attendees have been displayed and everyone could try to build something in free build area.

Vendors have been invited and offered old as well as latest 2016 LEGO models. Many models this year focused on theme of future fantasy vehicles, latest Star Wars movie release helped sparkle imagination. Movies and fantasy games always provide good source of inspiration, as they did this year.

An interesting twist in LEGO Art area is the ever increasing presence of more two dimensional art forms resembling paintings, that can be hanged on the wall. LEGO just keeps drilling into the fine art territory.

Sadly large dioramas and large complicated pieces seemed to be on decline this year. Nevertheless it is great to see the hobby bringing in more and more enthusiasts. The good thing is that almost anybody can showcase their own models providing they fill out the registration form in advance.

With dirt cheap ticket prices, it is always good to stop by and spot a few new building techniques or simply get inspired!