HUGE LEGO 76042 Avengers SHIELD Helicarrier

LEGO Avengers Helicarrier

This is another set inspired by the movie created under Avengers franchise in Super Heroes theme. Anyone who watched the movie (especially the scene where it emerges from the sea) will love this LEGO Helicarrier set, it’s just awesome. First of all you will notice the size and how complicated this construction is.

It would be much bigger if it were constructed to the minifigure scale, but it is still massive even for the microfigure scale and very detailed too. It looks amazing from almost every angle even from the bottom. It is even possible to access the bridge computer room to but due to space constrains the playability is limited there.

On the deck however it is busy, busy, busy! Planes are flying in and out, and SHIELD Helicarrier  personnel work their butts off to protect our planet. They work alongside Avengers superheroes.

With nearly 3000 elements in this LEGO 76042 set it takes ages to put together, there are many tricky sections, especially the propeller system created using Technic bricks. there is an option to plug in an electric motor to spin those propellers, but the ship will not fly anywhere.