Incredible Automated LEGO 3D Pinpoint Animator

LEGO 3D Pinpoint Movie Animator

This incredible device has been build by a robotics genius designer Arthur Sacek. Mounted in a frame there are two LEGO Mindstorms intelligent NXT bricks  programmed to individually manipulate pins in a pin frame.

Once all the pins are assembled the machine takes an photo and proceeds to create the next image. In order to do that the pin frame has to be re-set which is done by a mechanism after each frame.

Each individual frame takes up to 30 minutes and to create this short animation it took two days of continuous work (which required a rear replacement due to wearing). Animation in this video shows three dimensional head spinning around, but any image can be programmed to create 3D effect.

The whole robot is very elegant and minimalistic with great color choice.  A sturdy frame is constructed using Technic bricks and panels are hiding clever mechanics. This is a truly unique design!

You can see more detail of this amazing robot here: