Inside of Fun LEGO Pinball Machine

LEGO Pinball Machine – Great Retro Fun

Before the age of personal computers in every home, the most popular game was pinball. You could see them on every pub, bar, diner, shopping mall and so on. The idea was simple, keep the ball in game as long as possible while bouncing it from various obstacles to score points.

This big LEGO Pinball Machine works in similar way, but you don’t score the points, you win a chewing gum when you manage to get the ball through the slot on the opposite wall. In order to play you still have to use coins, and then launch the ball onto the table.

Rubber bands redirect the ball in various directions and a spinning bricks in the middle of the table make sure you don’t get the reward to easily. The main pair of bouncers is operated manually and the return motion is accomplished with rubber bands.

The control center of this LEGO Pinball Machine is a programmed intelligent brick which keeps the whole thing alive. Sensors register the payment, and direct electric motors either to stop the ball inside the machine or to  let it out. When you score the color sensor registers the ball and the reward gets released.

This neat construction uses simple color scheme and can be easily disassembled and reconfigured with more obstacles added. Great Fun!

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