Interview With A LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya

LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya Tells His Story

An artist is free to choose their medium of expression. In case of Nathan Sawaya it happens to be LEGO bricks. For him the choice was obvious from the start. From his childhood LEGO gifts he has developed experience and creativity which lasts until today.

Nathan, former lawyer, tells his story in this CBS interview. Unlike many Adult Fans of LEGO Nathan did not turn his hobby into an art, rather he decided to use LEGO as the best option for the art he wanted to create. As an artist he initially had been using standard artist media like wood or clay, but one day he decided to try his childhood toy instead. He’s never looked back.

He says: “Any medium can become art in this world. What I’ve done is try and take LEGO into a place it’s never been before – into the fine art world.” He is an author of a number of fine art LEGO sculptures, some of them featured in museums. He is also famous for using a lot of human forms to express emotions through those sculptures.

His sculptures attract serious audience but also children who come to see LEGO, for them this form of art becomes an inspiration and a way to look differently on a toy they use every day.

“I see the world in little squares” – Nathan Sawaya. Visit his website:

Nathan Sawaya Talks About His Creation Processes and Building Techniques