Largest LEGO Model Ever Built –

Star Wars X-Wing – Largest LEGO Model Ever !

It’s beyond awesome! This is just completely crazy and unreal. On the outside, this is an scaled up replica of LEGO 9493 X-Wing Fighter set. It is supposed to be life size, so you can actually fit inside, it is over 40 times bigger than the original set.

So lets get down to statistics of this Biggest LEGO Star Wars X-Wing replica:-

  • 5,335,200 LEGO bricks envelop a steel frame
  • Weight – 45,979.61 pounds / 23,5 tons altogether
  • 11 feet / 3.35 meters heigh
  • 43 feet / 13.1 meters long
  • 44 feet / 13.44 meters wide (wingspan)

It took 32 builders about 4 months to complete, that is over 17,000 working hours. It has been built in Lego Model Shop in Kladno, Czech Republic. From there it was transported on a ship to New York to be displayed in Manhattan before it would reach it’s final destination at Legoland California Resort.

This careful design had to take into account seismic activity guidelines to be allowed into California due to it’s massive weight. It goes way beyond playing with bricks, it had to be meticulously engineered to withstand the travel assembly and disassembly, as it could not have been transported in one piece.

If you wonder what’s the point of all this then you need to know it’s been done to promote the original Lego Star Wars animation TV series The Yoda Chronicles. Why Not?! What would you do with 5 million LEGO bricks? Any ideas?