LEGO Ball Cleaner and Invisible Lift

LEGO Ball Cleaning Machine and Invisible Ball Lift

If you ever get your balls dirty (LEGO balls that is) you might get your brain working and create something like this – a LEGO Ball Cleaner. This complicated machine uses Mindstorms components combined to operate specific mechanical functions, but the mechanics rely on pneumatic setup.

This clever model uses LEGO compressors powered by EV3 motors, which create enough air to make the machine move, spin and clean 4 balls in each cycle. Add a conveyor device to transport the balls back into the initial compartment and you get never ending cycle of cleaning.

The second machine is another clever invention which looks like invisible lift transporting balls upwards using transparent antenna parts. Those grabbers are attached to shock absorbers for better hold, which was a tricky thing to implement. Surprisingly whole of the construction ins powered by a single Power Functions motor.

The author of this constructions is Akiyuki from Japan, who is interested in mechanics and robotics. His constructions are very complicated mechanically and usually showcase modern technology.