LEGO Kinetic Sculpture – Sisiphus with a Rock

LEGO Sisiphus Kinetic Sculpture

Jason Allemann is a very accomplished designer, this specific LEGO Sisiphus Kinetic Sculpture won in a design competition. Jason has this amazing ability to combine technology with art and tell the story at the same time. Combine that with top level LEGO craftsmanship and attention to detail and you have something amazing as this model.

The mechanics seem fairly simple but have been presented in very elegant way. It is amazing to be able to open the whole ‘box’ from two sides and unveil the works behind the design. Not only that but even the presentation of the interior is very pleasing and well thought out. The clever mechanics may be propelled by an electric motor but move one gear and you can move everything manually using a lever.

Of course the Sisiphus on top of this LEGO Kinetic Sculpture is moving in a natural way and pushing his rock. From the platform upon which he stands we can find out certain facts about Sisiphus past in four 3D reliefs placed on every side of the stand. Every relief shows a different moment of Sisiphuses life and tells about his past. Brilliant design and beautiful execution. Bravo Jason!