LEGO Lord Of The Rings Chess Set vs $30,000 LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Chess Set

LEGO Lord Of The Rings Chess Set

LEGO Lord Of The Rings Chess

LEGO Lord Of The Rings Chess

This highly unusual and incredibly detailed LEGO LOTR Chess Set is a work of art. There have been many attempts at this theme but this is the best one so far by a long mile. There is a sophisticated touch and creativity in crafted figures and the board itself. Figures represent good vs evil forces found in the series, ents, wizards, hobbits, orcs and towers.

Also look at the double deck design, just below the ground you will find a Gollum Minifigure – precious. This is done just to elevate the board above the table top but nice supporting columns refer to underworld locations from the book/movie. Hopefully the same rules apply, although some magic may be necessary to persuade opponent to play fair. Sooo cool!

More info and images here: and here: Flicker Page

And if you have a bit of spare cash…

$30,000 LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Chess Set

If you’re not a fan of LOTR maybe something more technical might strike your fancy. This giant LEGO Chess presented at Brickworld Indy cost roughly $30k and took close to a year to make. Results are truly impressive and unexpected. Steve Hassenplug. Pieces move independently by themselves each powered by programmable Mindstorms brick. This monster chess not only move but interact as well, some are also animated.

Pieces are mounted on bases with color sensors capable of recognising the field position they stand on by reading color coded detail bricks. The board is also made of LEGO 48×48 base plates. This set is programmed to replicate some of the famous games played by chess masters. Short 15 minute game programs are uploaded from a laptop. There is also a custom game presenting abilities of each type of chess piece.