LEGO Micro Village From Drone Perspective

LEGO Micro English Village Drone Fly-Over

This is another brilliant take on LEGO Micro Architecture of traditional English village, captured in the middle of the day. There is an absolute minimum of blocks used to recreate reality. This one has been created by Kristal.

Buildings, animals, vehicles and everything else is assembled using only a few elements each. This is just enough for your mind to figure out what a specific thing is and place it within the context of this village.

We get to see this world from the perspective of drone fly-over. Have you noticed the clever way of how the boy minifigure changes into four round studs as the ‘drone’ gains height.

You will rarely see so much sophistication in such a small build, but it is not easy to put all this together, it takes a lot of creative thinking, many colorful bricks and long hours of creative fun.

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