LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Solves Rubick’s Cube – MindCub3r

LEGO Rubic Cube Solver – Mindstorms EV3 MindCub3r

People have this ability to build a machine that can think for them or at least solve some problems. Computer used in Mindstorms EV3 set can be programmed with an algorithm to solve Rubic Cube problem. After (or before) programming the intelligent brick all you need to do is build a contraption that can turn the cube around and twist the sections and you get a LEGO Rubic Cube Solver also known as MindCub3r .

The color sensor in this setup reads the colors from the wall of a cube, the it turns the brick to read the next wall. Once it gets enough information to establish the positions of colored squares it then proceeds to solve the puzzle. No matter how much you scramble the cube it will always come up with the right solution.

After reading colors off the walls it takes a moment to calculate the movements to turn the cube in most efficient manner and solve it in the fastest time and minimal amount of moves. It will not break any speed records but you will not need to use your brain from now on to solve your Rubic’s Cube.

Build it yourself using either EV3 or NXT, get instructions here: