LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Wings as Fashion Accessory???

LEGO Mindstorms Wings That You Can Wear

Yes, things have actually gone that far! You can build your LEGO robot and wear it too! Just like these LEGO Mindstorms Wings created by a Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht.

The wings have been created mostly Technic and Mindstorms EV3 pieces, and can be configured to react depending on program or sensors used. the ability to reconfigure your wearable is an interesting concept, one day the wings can react in a certain way, the other day they might do something else.

Those EV3 Mechatronic Wings may also be rebuilt to variety of designs to fit specific wardrobe or a person’s dimensions. For social occasions, smaller LEGO wings will be more manageable, and for designer runway show massive flapping wings will create more impact.

The range of movement is rather small and the whole contraption weights quite a lot, it is also probably quite uncomfortable to wear, but if you want to make a techno-fashion statement then go for it!

YES, you can make them yourself with instructions here: