LEGO Mini Architecture – Micro Subway Train Station

LEGO Minimalistic Architecture – Micro Subway Train Station

One of the trends in LEGO architecture is minimalism. It means working with as little bricks as possible while keeping the essence or the spirit of the original building or other construction.

The obvious positive points are that a brick build like that does not require many blocks and it is contained to a small space. Sounds cool but it comes at a price. It is a price of brainpower you have to use to create a small masterpiece.

In order to keep the right proportions, spacing and colours, you will need to think a lot and probably re-build your design multiple times, but that’s where the fun is.The underground LEGO train station or a subway in the video is a great example of what can be done on a small scale. It is beautifully executed and various elements of this small world are in good proportion.

Look at the cars for example, the smallest one is made out of just seven bricks. Each of these fancy shops would fit on the palm of your hand, but they still contain enough detail to look interesting and catch the eye for a while. All the buildings in the video come from LEGO Bricktober 2015 sets released exclusively for ToysRUs, this means they’re not available to wider audience.