LEGO MOC Model Class Jaguar 900 with Orbis 600

LEGO MOC Model Class Jaguar 900 with Orbis 600

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This is an incredibly detailed custom LEGO model of a Class Jaguar 900 combine harvester, designed to reflect real life proportions and color scheme. Eric Trax is an accomplished builder ventured to built this marvel from ground up, he likes agricultural themes in his constructions. To be honest it looks better than the real thing. Actually I doubt any Adult Fan of LEGO would mind if there existed life size LEGO vehicles or other things for that matter.

The ORBIS 600 attachment lift up on both sides to make machine narrower for travel through tight spaces. Rotational cutting disks are synchronised and whole model is remotely controlled by LEGO power functions.  Crops transport arm is fully adjustable and also remotely controlled. Here’s the model in action:

Model base is created with LEGO Technic with rear wheel steering, and finished by LEGO detail bricks, decals are custom made. Overall it is a very compact design if you think about what goes inside and how much functionality the remote functions provide. This is a pure perfection of design and surely it took hours of trial and error to achieve the final result. It was worth it in the end as the final effect is just amazing.