LEGO NXT 360° Milling Machine Creates 3D Objects

LEGO NXT 360° Milling Machine

This milling lathe has been created as a showcase for WRO 2011 and participated in expo in LEGO Robotics Experts area. As you can see in the video the machine itself is not highly complicated but the LEGO Mindstorms NXT brick shows what can be accomplished with clever programming.

The NXT brick had to be hacked to remove file size restriction and is permanently connected to the computer, just for the purpose of continuous sending of small manageable loops of program to the NXT.

The constructor is Arthur Sacek who developed this build based on his previous LEGO milling machines. Exclusive of PC cables, the entire machine is build out of LEGO Technic and Mindstorms bricks, which is remarkable.

To show the milling process a vacuum cleaner had to be used as well. There is no information whether it has been built out of LEGO as well.

LEGO NXT 360 3D Milling Machine

LEGO NXT 360 3D Milling Machine