LEGO Releases Controversial Women of NASA Tribute Minifigure Set

LEGO Women of NASA Tribute Minifigure Set

One of the most important trends in this century is the recognition of contribution by women in every area of life. This LEGO Women of NASA set is precisely that, a reminder of the importance of female scientists. Not many people realise the level of contribution to NASA space programs by these 4 women:

Nancy Grace Roman – astronomer and educator,
Margaret Hamilton – computer scientist and entrepreneur,
Sally Ride – astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur,
Mae Jemison – astronaut, physician and engineer.

All of them have done some groundbreaking work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects while working at NASA. This mini set also reflects upon that by presenting small builds of mini sets illustrating their areas of expertise.

“Role-play space exploration from planning to moon landing, beginning with the iconic scene from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1969 of Hamilton with software that she and her team programmed. Build the posable Hubble Space Telescope and launch a LEGO version of the Space Shuttle Challenger with 3 removable rocket stages.” (source)

LEGO 21312 Women of NASA Review

BUT there is a surprising controversy related to this set. There are some questions regarding small the size of the set and very limited release. There may be a hidden agenda here to get more girls interested in STEM subjects by showing appreciation to leading women scientists so why is this set so small? Also why single out just women of NASA and somehow separate them from everyone else?

Anyway, this set was presented to LEGO Ideas page and later approved after receiving required ten thousand votes from community. It was not however replicated in the same way. One of the women in original set refused to be included. Remaining four are commemorated as nice minifigures. If you can get your hands on one it will cost you $25 for or probably much more on eBay.