LEGO SHELL Promo Ferrari Models in 1:2 Scale Time Lapse Build

SHELL Promotion Ferrari Models in 1:2 Scale Built With LEGO

LEGO, Ferrari and SHELL have been partners for a long time. Together they create limited edition licensed models of real cars in small scale to lure customers to SHELL gas stations. In Videos below you will see a time lapse build of latest models in 1:2 scale by professional LEGO builders

LEGO SHELL Ferrari F138

Ferrari F138 is a Formula One car originally build by Scuderia Ferrari for 2013 season and beyond. Two drivers Fernando Alonso and Fellipe Massa had the pleasure to tame this beast on various tracks over the season. Distinctive Ferrari Team red color contrasts with black and white making it stand out.

LEGO SHELL Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO is a legendary sports car used in Grand Tour category.It featured 12 cylinder front engine and has been built between 1962 and 1964. Very limited numbers have been originally made making this car highly collectible. One example sold in 2013 fetched $52 millions.

LEGO SHELL Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a modern car in production between 2012 and 2017. This model also features 12 cylinder engine of 6.3 litre displacement, giving it unprecedented power rarely seen in production cars. Classic Ferrari red color and aerodynamic shape look good in this LEGO reproduction.

LEGO SHELL Ferrari 512S

Ferrari built only 25 of 512s for racing in 1969 and 1970. This yellow example comes from Le Mans endurance series which involved racing for 12 or 24 hours, therefore quality  and durability of the car was crucial.