LEGO Solar System with 98% Orbital Accuracy

8 Planet LEGO Solar System Orrery

Yes, you can create planetary systems using LEGO bricks! Well, not exactly, only model ones for now. This LEGO Solar System Orrery is not exactly pretty but it does not matter, in this case it’s not about looks.

What matters is that this is a mechanical representation of our solar system with quite high orbital accuracy, meaning it closely represents relative positions of the planets on their orbits at specific time. The size of the planets and distance apart are also not accurate but this is LEGO and it has its limitations.

Of course real orbits are oval shape and are not placed on the same plane, but this would be too much to ask when building with LEGO Technic. For a science project this is as good as it gets and the real challenge was to calculate gear ratios to make the planets move at correct rate.

By looking at those few balls on sticks it may be hard to appreciate how much effort it actually took to come up with correct orbital accuracy. Clever gearing and collection of cardan joints make this LEGO Orrery come alive.