LEGO Space Shuttle Lift-Off and LEGO Mars Exploration Rover

Dramatic Lift-Off of LEGO Space Shuttle

The days of the Space Shuttle are sadly gone. Shuttle had been memorised by LEGO in a few sets since 1990’s, most recent one is 2015 set number 60080 featuring shuttle with fuel tanks and lift-off platform. It uses over 500 bricks but that’s enough to have a lot of fun with recreating starts and landings, like in this video.

This fun video report created by PPung Daddy shows a montage coverage of the preparation for the start of the shuttle, the count down and first minutes of the start. Voiceover taken from the real events is synchronised with the space ship flying off on a beam of Technic pieces. Elaborate rig takes the plane few feet above the ground, and the only thing it’s missing are the clouds of smoke present with every real life start. Dramatic framing presents the space shuttle from many different angles, also many closeups are entered into footage to resemble real life liftoff drama. It is a great effort and fun to watch, simple idea well executed.  With the help of a few LEGO Technic bricks, the shuttle can raise itself straight up high using a remotely controlled power functions motor. The video shows exactly how it works.

LEGO Mars Rover Exploration aka Mission to Mars

The rest of the video features 2003 LEGO 7471 Mars Exploration Rover. It seems to work well on Hawaiian volcanic rocks on a Mars simulation mission. It conquers bumpy terrain on six wheels with its proudly spread solar panels. It is quite a large set with 870 pieces and interesting solutions for steering and solar panel opening. Both sets are testament of NASA’s international efforts to discover space beyond our planet. Thanks to LEGO for commemorating this equipment in form of sets, which now can inspire younger generation.