LEGO Star Wars AT-AT – Two Enormous Sets With Over 6000 Pieces!!!

LEGO Star Wars AT-AT – Two Massive Sets by Different Designers

Star Wars AT-AT is an iconic war fantasy vehicle, sending shivers down may people’s spines. Here are two AT-AT builds in the same minifigure scale, but created by two different artists.

LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Maciej Szymanski

Maciej Szymanski’s craft is evident in this design and execution, not many people know that massive (2,500 pieces) LEGO Star Wars 10212 Imperial Shuttle set was based on his design.  There’s just so many things and problems that had to be solved to make this AT-AT work:  Please see his flicker page here: We love the image of AT-AT and AT-ST  placed together, awesome.

We’re glad he has documented this beast and shown it from every angle, also in production stages. He also shared those images with builder’s community and answered technical questions, often with supportive diagrams. Massive Respect for Maciej!

LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Peter Brookdale – Speed Build

This AT-AT in the same scale as the above one has been created by Peter Brookdale – another LEGO/Star Wars fanatic. This video shows you potential problems you might encounter when you tackle a massive set like this AT-AT. At the point of connecting body to legs the original design just did not stood the chance against the weight of the whole thing. After re-design of connection points it still needed two people to join all huge parts together, not an easy task.

Because the whole LEGO AT-AT has a huge weight of 6,000 bricks, it is vital to make it stable, even one leg joint broken off equals the whole thing falling to pieces. Even though there is a massive challenge to put all this together, it is also an enormous satisfaction once everything is finished. Amazing showpiece in anyone’s collection!