LEGO Technic 42078 Mack Anthem Review

Superb LEGO Technic 42078 Mack Anthem Review

The latest addition to LEGO Technic line is this Mack Anthem model. It’s been much It’s been long awaited since first rumors surfaced that LEGO will release another Technic truck that actually resembles the real thing.

Technic trucks proved to be very popular in history and highly priced amongst the collectors. This one will be no different especially at this price point. But keep in mind this may not be the flagship model for 2018, so you might hold on to your pocket money for now.

Fanatics have already came up with modifications and additions of various Power Functions to enhance playability. This replica tries to look like original with minimal use of bricks. Body looks full with clever use of large panels.

lego technic 42078 mack anthem

LEGO Technic 42078 Mack Anthem – I Love This Angle!

Color scheme would please Batman with all the greys and black, but t somehow clashes with the white container.  Nevertheless the design is attractive and presents  something new in a way of a mechanism releasing the container.

On a Technic scale it is a medium/large build although it utilises almost 2600 pieces. LEGO 42078 B Model uses much less bricks, but still it resembles a proper Mack LR garbage truck. Here again LEGO sticks to a licencing trend in cooperation with manufacturers.

As per usual you can twist, turn, open, close, extend things and most of all enjoy the building process. There are no Power Functions included and there is no way to upgrade this models.

But in the end it does not matter as you can see better what happens in all the gearing and axles when you turn various knobs (6 cylinder engine also included).

At $180 it does not come cheap but you do get a lot of pieces and something that looks good enough to be a centerpiece. Assembled it does take almost 3 feet of length so you might want to move your other toys elsewhwere.