LEGO Technic Avtoros Shaman 8 Wheel Steering!

LEGO Technic Avtoros Shaman 8×8 Controlled by SBrick

It is an impressive vehicle in real life, created for a specific purpose. Recently featured in BBC Top Gear series. Made in Russia, this monster of a all terrain vehicle drops jaws anywhere it goes. The same has to be said about this LEGO Technic recreation by Madoca1977. It is just awesome!

AT first sight it looks like some made up military vehicle from one of the modern console game. In real life this giant weight in at 4.8 tonnes and is driven by each one of its 8 wheels. Those can be configures into various steering options, but as you can imagine the turning radius will suffer due to the length of this monster. You will find only 1 seat in front though and with 3.0 diesel engine under the bonnet it may seem very underpowered.

It will still make 50mph from 176hp motor distributing the power to those very wide profiled tires. Surprisingly the weight is distributed in this way to make minimal impact on the ground, so there is not much damage on nature trails. Probably the most unbelievable feature of this car is that it can swim through the water, albeit very slowly compared to conventional means of water transport.

LEGO Avtoros Shaman 8×8

This LEGO Model is incredibly detailed and close to the original with functionality. It will conquer steep terrain or drag anything with its motor powered winch. The heart of the remote control is the SBrick with customised remote functions. SBrick can be programmed in any way and controlled via android devices. This bypasses limitations of infrared controlled power functions. Instructions had been released online and as it turns out a Chinese knock-off company released a boxed set of this vehicle based mostly on Madoca1977 instructions, replacing SBrick with Power Functions. Chinese courts accepted case by LEGO against this company, we’re waiting for results.