LEGO Technic BMW R12 Custom Motorcycle

LEGO Technic BMW R12 Custom Motorbike

It’s not easy to recreate a classic to resemble the original. This LEGO Technic BMW R-12 replica is a great model using 100% LEGO parts, mostly black. True to original this model uses a sidecar which can be detached, so only the motorcycle can be presented.

The size of this sidecar allows to conceal Power Functions electric motor, battery pack, steering motor and remote control receiver. There is a lot of weight on the rear so the steering is not reliable in this case as the front wheel has not got enough traction.

Normally heaviest part of a motorcycle is the engine and it’s placement affects weigh balance. To keep the looks true to original in this design front wheel traction had to be compromised. The most important thing that it looks amazing and it is hard to see how this could be improved.

The original BMW R12 was produced in 1935-1942 years and notably it was the first motorcycle hydraulically damped telescopic forks. During the war most of these machines were produced for the German army.

You can build this one if you like, parts list and instructions available here: