LEGO Technic HOT ROD Pneumatic V8 Motor

LEGO Technic HOT ROD Powered by Compressed Air V8 Motor

LEGO Technic often features multi cylinder motors in their models, but these are just for show, non functional. The real power comes from Power Functions. This Hot Rod  is different – it is propelled forward by compressed air going straight to its custom build V8. Take a look!

Green Gecko Lego Technic Workshop build that ‘Crazy Power’ engine all with LEGO parts with the exception of pneumatic tubing. The trick is that the car is permanently attached to remote controller by pneumatic tubing. The V8 power depends on the air pressure, and will go to 1500 rpm at 55 psi. Cylinders are controlled by timed pneumatic switches. This design replicates the works of normal internal combustion engine. Power goes to the rear wheels via crankshaft and heavy duty drive train.

There are two clever one way clutches incorporated onto the rear axle. This design allows the car to turn sharp and coast when no power is applied.  Other features include fully independent suspension on steering pivot on front and solid axle rear suspension. Steering is also controlled by pneumatics, and features Ackerman steering geometry, so it involves some serious car mechanics. This aid with turning precision and responsiveness. Steering wheel is also connected to steering mechanism via gears.

Some details are added to make it easy on the eyes, like external fuel tank placed behind the ‘leather’ seats. Four exhaust pipes come out of each side of the engine. Round headlights and Hot Rod grill make it look mean.

LEGO Technic V8 Pneumatic Motor

LEGO Technic V8 Hot Rod Chasis