LEGO Technic Multifunctional Modular Future Truck Platform

LEGO Technic Multifunctional Future Truck Platform Module

In 2045 road transport will look very much different than today. Companies like Mercedes-Benz keep looking for solutions of future transportation. This model has been specially built to participate in LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Future Truck competition with a goal of constructing a truck of year 2045.

This model shows a self-propelled Multifunctional Truck Platform based on all wheel drive six-wheel vehicle. It is very versatile and can become a base for various attachments. As it is self-drive truck, the cabin is only an option. Platform can be customized for any type of specific job like digging attachment. This will require outriggers and independent suspension.

Modules can also be connected and serve as a ‘road-train’ type of transportation, each module can be used for different purpose. Low centre of gravity aids stability – all vital module are contained between the wheels. Another great thing is the zero turning radius, meaning the module can spin in it’s place without moving.

The whole rig can be remotely controlled as a whole unit or after detatchment every unit will be manipulated separately.  This model Built with LEGO Technic features two XL power functions motors and weighs three pounds.

Excavator show an example of attachment, interesting additional function is the extension of the boom, which gives the machine extra range without moving around. Dump truck module allows to spin the load around because there is no truck cabin getting in the way. Brilliant design!