LEGO Technic XXXL Crane 8421 – Double the Fun

LEGO Technic XXXL Crane 8421 – Double the Fun

If your LEGO Technic set is not enough fun for you and you want to create something bigger, why not get the same set and double the fun?

Here’s the 8421 LEGO Technic Crane set from 2005. As you will see it is much more effective with twice the size. So it is twice as long with twice as many wheels, twice as long boom. At 141cm of height it is pretty mipressive, but we’re not sure it can cope with double the load as well, probably not. It is also 86cm long – quite a big toy then!

One original set contains 1884 pieces, this construction must have been made using anywhere between 3000-3500 pieces, and weight about 5 kilograms.

LEGO likes making Technic cranes in various incarnations and sizes. Go to to see the compiled list of  LEGO Technic Sets with images.  There has been at least 9 crane sets (on wheels or as a crawler option) since year 2000, that’s only as main models. Some sets can be re-built into cranes.

7 axles on each side and 5 of them steerable, that’s 14 wheels in total – who wouldn’t love that. Look at the video to see the comparison between this and standard model. Well done!

There’s an epic question in the comments of this video: ‘What are you going to do with that crane?’ – hard to answer this one, is it?