Life Size LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Time Lapse

LEGO Star Wars BB-8 in Life Size  – Time Lapse Build

How fast can you build a life size LEGO BB-8? How about 2 minutes! That’s in a time lapse speed of course. With so many bricks to glue together, we hope this glue is not too toxic.

Obviously there is no need to disassemble the model, so it is practical to glue everything together. By law every model going on public display has to be glued together for health and safety reasons. For the same reasons BB-8 had to be mounted on a steel support frame at the base.

It has been built by a design company called Bright Bricks especially for the December premiere of new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. They have done a brilliant job, the model is very detailed. The main body is constructed out of several rounded panels.

The assemblers work from printed instructions or screen displays of a 3D design. Surprisingly this LEGO BB-8 design does not use sloped or curved bricks, which makes it look a bit rough around the edges. (…ups…BB-8 is a ball, he does not have edges).

The finished model looks very impressive with its orange panels, but there are no moving parts, it is just a display model. A few LED’s and some head movement motors would make this thing a bit alive. Maybe next time…