LOL Brilliant LEGO Alien Xenomorph

Brilliant LEGO Alien Xenomorph at Bricks Cascade 2017

This LEGO Alien Xenomorph is a brilliant work of love by a huge Alien fan Blair Archer (it’s that guy with a green LEGO MOC hat). It took about 3 years to develop, evolve and perfect. It may not look complicated at first sight but a lot of thought went into this project in order to make it 100% LEGO build and keep all the pieces together. This is a combination of art, creativity and structural engineering at the same time.

This model is not rigid, a lot of flexibility has been incorporated via use of LEGO rubber bands and other flexible elements. It is a masterful combination of many unusual pieces which started with the curved windscreen forming the Alien head. Hundreds of dish shaped pieces form the head and tail. The see through head pieces show skull details and shield the eyes of the beast. Read.More