Making of LEGO Life Size Incredible Hulk – Time Lapse

Building Life Size Incredible Hulk out of LEGO

This video shows LEGO Studios creating a life size model of Incredible Hulk Minifigure. This green monstrosity was designed and created by a professional builders team. All LEGO pieces have been glued together So it does  not fall apart, especially around the arms area, as those are very heavy due to their size.

This model has been featured in LEGO® Club TV: Behind the Bricks series. LEGO Hulk sculpture took over 500 hours and over 80,000 bricks to make, all with just 5 builders. It is 6.5ft tall and weights 500 pounds. This minifigure design have been based on original Marvel comic book superhero.

Also in interestingly, the internal structure is put together using Duplo bricks as both types of bricks are compatible. Hulk designers used special custom computer program to create every model they work on, where design can be manipulated and adjusted on the spot whenever necessary. Models such as this one are used as promotional pieces, or are created speciffically for Legoland parks.