Massive Custom LEGO Space Ship Done in 21 Hours

5,000 Pieces Custom LEGO Space Ship Made in 21 Hours

What do LEGO fans do when they get together over the weekend? They might build something completely astonishing! Lucie, Kristal, Michael and Jason have designed and crafted this impressive model in just 21 hours of non-stop building session. This LEGO Custom Space Ship has been named NCS Aries-K and at lover 6 feet long it is an intergalactic beast.

It looks like an entry for an upcoming manned trip to Mars. There are visible influences from Space Odyssey movie, like the rotating artificial gravity disk which contains some crew and utility compartments. It uses over 5000 bricks and Power Functions with 5 motors used to rotate the moving parts.

Many intricate details covert the external panels of the space ship in blue and grey, and for some special effects there are 27 LED’s wired throughout the model. There is a large cargo bay with a landing strip and tons of details in crew residence and work area. It is an impressive achievements to create a complete something like this in under 24 hours.

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This video shows and explains how it’s done: