Massive LEGO Jurassic World Dinosaur Display

Jurassic World – LEGO Dinosaurs Going Wild

Sooner or later someone would come up with the idea of putting together all LEGO Jurassic World sets into one display.  This one is not an elaborate or sophisticated own construction, just a bunch of sets put together, but we know a few kids who would go bonkers just to play with it. Both Dino and Jurassic themes are combined here for better effect although they do not match in terms of color.

Jurassic World sets seem to be popular since they showed up in 2015 following the big screen movie under the same title, but they follow up and ultimately replace discontinued LEGO Dino theme (yellow vehicles and buildings in the video).

It was a case of putting them all together and arranging into a nice layout. With a few extras like palm trees, fences and trains, this big set slightly resembles some scenes form the movie.  Building are scarce but there’s plenty of colorful dinos running around and attacking anything they can put their claw’s on.

For some reason you will only see those scary, fast running toothy and aggressive beasts. Unfortunately none of the nice dinosaurs have made it into LEGO production, these don’t sell too well… apparently kids prefer things that kill and cause damage.