Massive LEGO Trains Platform – Every Boy’s Dream

Huge LEGO Trains Platform with Original and Custom Builds

With enough resources and plenty of space at home you can build yourself a town like this. The LEGO bricks give you unlimited options to create any world you can imagine, the only limit is your imagination and the amount of bricks you have.

Trains are always a favourite with boys of all ages, the same goes for LEGO Trains. Contrary to standard train sets, LEGO trains can be rebuilt and reconfigured at will.

Trains in this set up come from various sets and years, there are city trains as well as classic locomotive models, even one from wild west theme. Many sets are powered by power functions motors and their speed can be remotely controlled.

We have never before seen a Police Train or Fire Truck Train, here’s your chance to have a look at those custom builds. Towards the end of the video you can also see a dual locomotive setup pulling many loaded cargo train cars. With this many sets combined weekends can pass very quickly!