Stunning Custom LEGO City Train and Bus Station 25 Thousand Bricks

Brilliant LEGO City Train Station  MOC

Watch this video of this busy LEGO Train Station. It just seems to be alive, very detailed and full of colors. This is a massive carefully crafted platform. You’ll find here trains, monorail, buses and family attractions park too:

AlmightyArjen used LEGO trains include a mix of classic old legends like the Horizon Express and Metroliner. Monorail train is a new set. All combined create what appears to be a thriving place with many moving elements. The layout has been designed using LEGO Digital Designer and took four months to put together.

Carefully planned layout was needed to automate things like elevators, escalators and sliding doors. All of those things have to be externally powered and synchronised too. This was done with the help of customised Arduino microcomputer. There is a panel showing the timetable on the station which includes extras like coffee and flower shops, bar and LEGO pizza restaurant. The elevators stop at random floors. Read.More