Supersized 3D Printed LEGO RC Go-Kart With Electric Motors

1:2 Scale LEGO Remote Controlled Go-Kart 3D Printed

How would you like to make your favorite LEGO set bigger? You can supersize your LEGO set but you would have to 3D print it. Here’s what may happen after you put it together.

This is a 1:2 of life size scale by Matt Denton (Mantis Hacks) 3D printed remake of LEGO Technic 1972 Set released in year 1985. This was one of the smallest and cheapest Technic set released to date. It contained only 98 pieces and was meant as an introductory set to the relatively new Technic range. Basic but good looking with classic blue/red/grey colors. The only function was steering done by classic rack and pinion combination. The resemblance to Go Kart was created also by doubling the wheels to make the tires appear wider.

The remote controlled version in the video is powered by electric motor on lithium battery. Another electric motor does the steering. Remote control is done by transmitter/receiver combination used in regular RC models. This setup looks simple enough but as you will see gravity and momentum do their own thing and model requires multitude of modification to stay together.

Tie wraps come in handy to keep it from falling apart, but some elements held by glue give up after a while. Such is the nature of the 3D printer compound used for this project. Tolerances that work in normal LEGO seen not to not work in large scale. Either way this is a lot of fun and even though lack of differential causes steering problems this large replica can reach impressive speeds. That of course would depend on the power of electric motors installed. In this case it is enough to make the go cart go over 20mph. It would be nice to see one of the biggest LEGO Technic models in that scale, powered by upscaled Power Functions.

Motors for LEGO RC GoKart