Three LEGO Car Factories – Showcase of NXT Technology

Three LEGO Mindstorms Factories Build LEGO Cars

As the automotive industries recover from the crisis we would like to focus on alternative car production options. Those three videos below show different approach to automated car building, there are massive differences but nevertheless fun watching every one.

This first one by Super LEGO Sam is compact and the least complicated out of the three. It uses only one NXT brick for entire production process, which is different from typical production line, as there is no conveyor type of assembly line. The simple vehicle is created in 4 stages.

This second ‘factory’ is actually a line and here again the car is being assembled from only a handful of components. The whole machine looks complicated with many wires around, but interestingly it uses standard and older LEGO parts as opposed to LEGO Technic bricks. The brain of this machine is not an NXT brick but a complicated computer used for sequential control lab processes. It controls every stage of production and dynamically displays progress stages on a monitor.

This last video shows a complicated multi-stage factory using many NXT bricks.  This is actually a showcase of Information Logistics in Car Production. The automobile created is the most .complicated one out of the three factories, but it comes as no surprise by looking at the complexity of this build. This is an academic study piece rather than built-for-fun but still it shows what can be done with LEGO.